As promised..herewith to share with you TF's product..

TF Advance
·        100% colostrums extract and egg yolk extract (TF)
·        Used for autoimmune diseases. Those who suffer from hyper immune system.  Example:- asthma, allergic, diabetic type 1, arthritis, gout, eczema, thyroid, migraine, leukimia, autism, infertility
TF plus
·        TF and others herbs such as shitake mushroom, beta glucans, soya bean extract, olive leaf extract, alpha mennans from aloe vera, cordyceps, agaricus extract, IP6 and zinc.
·        Used for individu with very low immune system. Example:- severe viral infection, diabetic, ulcer, hepatitis, HIV, endometriosis, cyst, acne/ pimples, cancer, tumor.
·        TF, Fenugreek, Bitter melon, gymnema, Indian kino, Korean ginseng and alpha lipoic acid.
·        Used for diabetic patient.
Cardio Vascular (CV)
·        Blood pressure and any cardio vascular related problems.
·        TF with 32 supplements.
·        TF + antioxidants together.
·        Liquid form.
·        Antioxidants- take away harmful free radicals which can damage cellular health.
·        Antivirus, antibacterial, antifungal, reduces cell degeneration (anti aging), provide stamina and vitality, lower LDL (bad cholesterol), protects the prostate, reduces heart disease, helps prevent kidney and bladder stones buildup, improves cardiovascular system, improves memory and night vision, ancient tonic for sexual disorder, improves digestion and fat metabolism.
4 life tea
·        Internal balancing and cleansing tea
·        Help problem for constipation, indigestion and metabolism, reduce cholesterol, colon cleansing, antibacterial.

Marilah kita sama2 berkempen "LOVE YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE"...people around need you..the choice is in your hand..
morninggg everybody....

everybody is dreaming to have a healthy from any disease....

are you aware that when your immune system is not working are prone to illness...

Have you ever heard about TRANSFER FACTOR (TF)???

  • TF is an extracted molecule from cow colostrums and egg yolk.
  • TF goes into your body and teaches your immune system what to do. TF strengthen your immune system so that your own immune system can take care your health related problems.
  • Air pollution, water pollution, stress, pesticides in vegetables, hormones in poultry can weaken our immune system.
  • TF can increase and modulates your immune system from 283% to 437%.
  • IL11 (Interleukin II-chemotheraphy drug used for cancer) kills cancel cell by 88% but TF 97%.
  • TF activates the ability of Natural Killer Cells to fight against the cancel cells.
  • Don't worry, this product is certified Halal.
I'll explain TF's products in next entry..